The Two Basic Configurations of the Mind

The #mind has two basic configurations. The first configuration houses localized identity. So if there is a feeling that what I am is localized as or within a body or physical location, then you can make the diagnosis of the First Mind.

In the First Mind, the view of the world is polarized. There is a me/world split. There is a sense of wanting to get something, needing to know something. When the split is relinquished (as in sleep) that feeling of needing something goes away.

The split can also be relinquished while awake, by steady observation of the sense of individuality. As this observation continues, the mind get reconfigured and moves from the First Mind to the Second Mind orientation. This is something like the uncoiling of a pretzel. Tension in the mind (including the body, which is the physicalized mind) is released, like a pressure cooker that blows its top. The world is now not only seen through the eyes of the individual, but via the deeper mind that is not localized as an individual. The limits of time and space no longer apply to knowledge and perception. This is the Second Mind. As the Second Mind settles, thoughts, perceptions, objects are seen form-ing and de-forming - they are not fixed independent things but rather illumined processes wafting in awareness.

There is a Third Mind also, which is not about perception as such. It is nature itself prior to form.

Knowing that there are these Three Minds is necessary, because people speak from different perspectives. The scientist is usually rooted in the First Mind, in subject/object orientation, therefore what they say may appear to contradict what is called "spirituality." In fact, there is no contradiction. When the mental configuration is taken into account, all contradictions collapse.