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Representations of the Second Mind

The Second Mind proper is non-local consciousness, which expresses itself as the world of particulars and multiplicities. Between these two endpoints of the non-local and the local is the range of the localizing/delocalizing, represented by the following:

  • The fields of physics (such as the electromagnetic field, Higgs field, etc) are non-local, mathematical, and experimental representations relative to the particulate world that localize as they vibrate and pattern locally as particles.

  • Morphic fields proposed by Rupert Sheldrake

  • L-fields measured by Harold Saxton Burr

  • Chakras and nadis of yoga

  • Space itself is a representation that appears only relative to its localizing features (points, objects). There are different kinds of space: inner, outer, virtual, physical, mental. All of these are representations of the Second Mind, which superimposes boundaries within itself to create apparent compartments of experience.

The entire spectrum of experience, whether physical, mental, or otherwise, exists across a range from the local to the non-local, from the First Mind to the Second Mind.

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