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Why are we searching for consciousness?

Q. Why are we searching for consciousness? Can't we accept and experience it?

A. Yes, ultimately it is about experiencing what we call consciousness in all its ranges. However, applying that systemically in the world is also necessary.

The search is not only for what consciousness is and what we are, but also for its practical applications in our society in all fields, including medicine, politics, business, and more. This is where we are today. Spirituality has taken us to the world within, to understand the subjective nature of reality. Science has explored the world without, the objective nature of reality. But are these two fundamentally different?

Is there a plane in which the subjective and objective integrate? Such a plane cannot be called purely spiritual, nor purely scientific, nor purely philosophical, nor any other category. It is simply a deeper, subtler experience of what we call life. Therefore the entire range of consciousness has to be explored, and this also includes the search for its applications in society.

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