Q&A: How can The Three Bodies help me?

Q: Are there really three bodies?

A: Yes, there really are. The Three Bodies are three distinct anatomical aspects that all human beings share. Each body can be experienced through introspection.

Q: What are The Three Bodies?

A: Your three bodies are the physical body, mental body, and energetic body. You know the physical body well. That's the one we all study in school. It's the one we feed, decorate, and clothe. The mental body is not as well understood, but people nowadays are increasingly aware that the mind is an important factor in their quality of life. The energetic body is generally unknown to science although it is described in many wisdom traditions around the world.

Q: Why is it important to know about The Three Bodies?

A: Would you take your car to a mechanic who knew everything about the chassis, but nothing about the transmission? Or trust an electrician who knew how to use a screwdriver but didn't know much about wiring? This is what's happening in most people's lives today - not with our cars or our electronics, but with our own bodies.

The human being is a masterpiece of technology, but as long as we are focused on just the physical body, we are missing out on our other two bodies - the mental body and the energetic body. We are at best operating at 1/3 of our full capacity.

Q: What happens if I don't experience much of my mental or energetic bodies?

A: When we inadvertently stuff ourselves into just a physical structure, it feels uncomfortable, limiting, stressful, even painful. Thoughts become unrelenting. Emotions either stagnate or drown us. And we begin to live in a dim, muffled version of the real world. We may not even recognize it because it's considered "normal." Things can look great from the outside, but inside there is a simmering dissatisfaction.

To counter this feeling of constant background stress, we accumulate all kinds of things from the world around us - titles, certificates, awards, big bank accounts, social media connections, cars, boats, homes, etc. None of these are inherently bad - each can be enjoyed - but no amount of them will yield satisfaction. Our mental and energetic dimensions are vast, powerful, and profound aspects of us. Just as birds fly and fish swim, humans must experience their three bodies to truly be themselves.

Q: How can The Three Bodies help me in my life?

A: As you begin to introspect and explore your three bodies, you will access resources within you that you never thought were there. You will find an abundance of insight, clarity, creativity, courage, and love. This love is not a personal or conditional love. It is unconditional, real, and always available, even in the most trying circumstances. With that love comes healing - an internal healing of scratches, dings, and wounds that had been operating behind the scenes. The result is that wellbeing begins to saturate your life. This is the immediate practical relevance of experiencing your three bodies.

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Anoop Kumar, MD, MM is a practicing emergency physician in the Washington, DC metro area. He is the creator of the online course How to experience your Three Bodies: A meditative journey to wellbeing. He blogs at anoopkumar.com.