How to move forward from disillusionment

What do you do when the mind reels, unhinged by fear and the pangs of disillusionment?

What do you do when the heart aches, soaked with sorrow?

See the marination happening.

Notice what's happening. See the disillusionment marinating your mind.  Feel the sorrow dripping from your heart. See the reasons, the explanations, the plans, and the contingencies fly forth.

At some point, when every inch of what you thought was you is thoroughly marinated with not-knowing-what-the-hell-is-happening, you will notice something. But not a moment before. There is a part of you that knows. There is a part of you that sees your personality marinating. That sees your disillusionment.

Inquire, "What does that part of me know? What is the way forward?"

That you is the solution. That you is not disillusioned, because it never subscribed to the illusion to begin with. That you is perfectly okay. Always was, always will be.

Get to know that you. Operate from there. Work from there. Reach out from there. Play from there. Make your home there. That new address will suffuse your personality, dispelling disillusion and illusion. 

You can't dispel it for others. The vitriol may still come from those clinging to illusion. Their own disillusionment awaits. But you can dispel it for yourself and be a beacon for others. An invitation. If you accept the invitation, your internal and external circumstances will change. When enough people accept the invitation, the community and eventually the nation will change. It has to.

This is the way out of the spin cycle. This is the way forward. This is the path we eventually choose. Why not now?


Anoop Kumar is an emergency physician. He is the creator of How to experience your three bodies: a meditative journey to wellbeing.