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I am as I am

Updated: May 14, 2020

If reality could be personified, what might it say?

Maybe something like this…

I am the well of the universe, the abode of the mind.

I am as I am, home sweet home.

In me it all sinks. In me it all surges.

I am as I am, at once here and beyond.

No dream can shake me. No vision can contain me.

I am as I am, beyond all perception.

What world do you speak of? What flutterings catch your eye?

I am as I am, beyond time, space, and motion.

Some chase after me. Some run away from me.

I am as I am, enveloping them all.

Some search for me in experiments. Some search for me in prayer.

I am as I am, prior to the search.

Some look for me in books. Some look for me within.

I am as I am, waiting behind everywhere.

Some say I am real. Some say I am imaginary.

I am as I am, not as words say.

All that is said of me is true, and all that is said of me is false.

I am as I am, incomprehensible, descriptionless.

I am my Self, in my Self, by my Self, as my Self.

I am as I am, never another.

When calculation falls away, and the world comes to a hush,

my intimacy approaches, without motion, without direction.

As the veil disappears, and footholds collapse,

the world sings in unison, I am as I am.

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