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What is consciousness?

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Goal: To elucidate how a more complete understanding and experience of consciousness is essential to developing more rigorous science, unlocking human potential, advancing technology, and bringing healing to healthcare.

Having spent most of his life exploring the relationships among consciousness, mind, body, and society, Anoop found that our understanding of these is outdated and incomplete. He's spent the last several years speaking around the world, writing books, and encouraging audiences to rethink consciousness and unveil a more fulfilling experience of life that also informs solutions to real-world problems. Anoop communicates his vision through the lens of the Three Minds–a framework placing consciousness at the heart of reality.

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the three minds

a consciousness-based framework

M3 represents consciousness as itself, the potential state of reality. M3 self-illumines as M2 potentiality, which is called by different disciplines as infinity, light, whole, oneness, and the unified field.

M2 differentiates as the individual mind (M1) and the object (O) it perceives, establishing this subject-object experience as the funda-mental building block of our reality.

The Three Minds framework can be applied to gain actionable insights into any field of knowledge.

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Deepak Chopra

Anoop has delved into consciousness from top to bottom. He has explored these issues with remarkable insight and subtlety.

Ellen Y.

I am so very thankful... The manner in which you present the material is perfect and so thought provoking. I have gained so many new insights and perspectives.

Howard M.

Dr. Kumar should be in charge of improving the health care system in the US. He understands the gaps in our current doctor patient relationships.



  • Speaking topics include

    • What Is Consciousness?

    • The Future of Healthcare

    • What Is Leadership?

    • Science & Spirituality: a false dichotomy

    • Re-thinking the Mind-Body Connection

    • Demystifying the Quantum

    • Demystifying Enlightenment

    • Mental Health: a deep dive

    • The Three Minds Framework and Its Applications

  • Advisory Services

    • Mind-body service strategy

    • Executive leadership development

    • Program development​

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