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"The art of teaching is bridging the Self with the mind and body."

As a teacher, you know the joy of sharing your experience with others. You are on a journey in which your own integration occurs in tandem with the hearts you touch. Shining in the heart of this integration is the self... luminous... ever-free... lending its light to all other activities.

The art of teaching is the art of creating the conditions for openly integrating the self with mind and body. This bridging can take many forms, including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, lifestyle management, coaching, integrative health, and all forms of introspection. Or it may look like none of these. External appearances differ, but the essentials never change.

The conversations I've had with teachers over many years have been crystallized into this Teacher Training Consultation. The approach we will take connects your teaching with principles of:

  • the union of spirituality and science

  • mystical experience

  • medicine and healing

  • ancient philosophy, including advaita vedanta (non-duality)

  • metaphysics

Each of these perspectives opens another door to the self. Each offers another opportunity for your students to learn from you and dive into themselves. The areas you would like to explore as a teacher are the ones we spend time on. That may mean a full 60 minutes on spirituality and science, or it may mean splitting time between mystical experience and healing. Each consultation is unique.

Sign up for a 1-to-1 60 minute Teacher Training Consultation below. Group trainings are also available.

"Anoop has delved into consciousness from top to bottom. He has explored these issues with remarkable insight and subtlety."

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Deepak Chopra