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Q. Does past life karma really make one suffer in this life?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Q. Is past life karma is true? How about small babies suffering of hunger? Does past life karma really make one suffer in this life?

A. Karma is not about suffering. It is about action and response - one action leading to another. Every action has an effect, and that effect itself becomes the stimulus for another action. This is why karma is often referred to as a wheel - cycles of action. The human being is not only a body and not only a personal mind. The body and personal mind are only a part of the human being. Within one lifetime, certain responses to karma are experienced. As they are experienced, they are released and the pressure of those actions is extinguished. As needed, the human being continues with another lifetime to experience desires and the effects of any other actions, either from before or new ones created within the prior lifetime.

Suffering is only one example of the result of karma. All experiences are the result of karma, including the state of mind where one begins to inquire into the deeper aspects of life. So karma is not really about suffering per se; it is about action - response - opportunity to learn. In the case of suffering, remember that the aspect of the human being that is suffering is not the entire being; it is a part of the human being that suffers.

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