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Q. Do you have any advice on how to teach this to young children?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Q. Do you have any advice on how to teach this to young children, when I, myself, am just starting on this journey to self knowledge? In a podcast, you stated “I wish they taught this in elementary school”... & I agree.

A. It's more about teaching oneself and allowing that knowledge to guide your interaction with children. All children (including us when we were children) are close with this fuller recognition. They are taught out of it by being given narrow frameworks and language with which to experience and communicate life. In this sense, the most we can teach them is to understand what is happening - why we adults tell the stories we do, why we create the systems we do (often out of ignorance and fear), how this affects our experience, and so on. Do this when you feel clear and steady so you are not communicating fear as you communicate. If you do this, you will see they will implicitly understand and recognize what is happening.

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