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my story

By training, I’m an Emergency Physician with a Master's degree in Management and Health Leadership. By nature, I've been exploring the dreamscape of mind and world for as long as I can remember.


I was born in the capital city of Washington, DC, then soon moved to a small village in the South Indian state of Kerala. There, I learned the joy of walking barefoot in the mud, playing in open fields, and leaving the doors open when it rained. Dusk was an especially magical time when my grandmother would light a lamp and say her prayers to the goddess that protected us.


We eventually moved back in the United States, settling into our new home in Maryland. I was in a new world with a new mindset. I had many questions. My parents were heavily into Indian philosophy at that time, and by the time I finished elementary school I had been introduced to the ancient tradition of advaita vedanta, popularly known today as non-duality.


Over the next several decades, advaita vedanta became my rock and my playground. I found that all questions and contradictions - whether they were scientific, spiritual, or just plain practical - could be exhaustively examined and reconciled through its lens. In the process, my mind was reconfiguring itself, and so was the world.

By the time I started my training in emergency medicine, the seed of wanting to communicate a better story about mind and world had taken root in me. I knew I wanted to speak out about what I saw as an educational system lacking key elements of depth and self-knowledge.


I wanted to write about how our understanding of human anatomy was radically incomplete, restricting the healing abilities of patients and doctors. I wanted to describe how our limited ideas about mind and consciousness were narrowing our field of vision and limiting our experience of what we are several times over. Most of all, I wanted to explore and share solutions to these problems. Over the last many years, this is what I've been doing through speaking around the world, writing books and articles, and having one-to-one conversations.


My message is simple. Rethink everything. Seek experiential knowledge rather than belief. Experiment and transform yourself.

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