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where is the mind?

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the mind develops

through 3 stages

1 - the first mind

The First Mind
Beyond Mental Health with Anoop Kumar, MD

The First Mind

When the personality crystallizes as the First Mind, it becomes a thing. Accordingly, the First Mind sees a physical world of things.

The First Mind is characterized by the sense of "me" being inside a body.

The First Mind divides the world in two:

me & you

this & that

here & there

There is often the sense that something is missing, that we are only seeing part of the picture, part of ourselves. This can sometimes lead to confusion and isolation.


Most of our cultural stories operate from the First Mind, like good guys vs bad guys. Science too operates from the First Mind. A scientist studies an apparently separate, objective world.


The First Mind feels like it's in your head.

It is thought to be created by and located in the brain, a physical thing.


Where do you feel like your mind is located?

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2 - the second mind