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for business

A bespoke self-development program
for your greatest resource: your employees
with Anoop Kumar, MD

Why does my company need Medicine for Business?

  • Uncertainty
    The COVID-19 pandemic has made uncertainty a fact of daily life.

  • Cost
    Losing an employee to another company costs you 1.5-2X their salary, plus a dip in morale.

  • Engagement and loyalty
    Today's employees want to know you are willing to invest in their wellbeing.

  • Workforce development
    Your employees are looking for ways to develop themselves in and beyond the workplace: the global personal development market size is over $40 billion and growing.

How does it work?

medicine for business Cycle Diagram Char

How is it unique?

  • Custom weekly content
    Your employees' questions, concerns, and desire for answers take center stage.


  • A live, generative space
    We create a living, expansive learning environment no pre-recorded app can re-create.

  • World-class expertise
    Dr. Kumar brings years of experience bridging science, spirituality, and practical experience, drawing on a background in Eastern philosophy, spirituality, emergency medicine, and public speaking.


  • Live Zoom broadcasts on Tuesdays 12:15PM-12:45PM Eastern Time.

  • Attendees can submit reflections and questions directly to Dr. Kumar at a specified url.

  • Introductory pricing of $179/mo. includes four to five weekly sessions per month for unlimited employees. Cancel any time.

  • Sign up below.


Dr. Anoop Kumar elucidates how a more complete understanding and experience of consciousness is essential to developing more rigorous science, unlocking human potential, advancing technology, and bringing healing to healthcare. He has spent the last several years encouraging audiences to rethink their experience of themselves and the world through reflection and observation, including at venues such as McGill University, Michigan State University, the Shanghai international festival, and via BBC News. 

Anoop is the creator of the Three Minds framework–a way of approaching the intersection of consciousness and all other knowledge fields–as well as Second Mind Medicine, which educates health professionals and the public on a disruptive vision for health care.


By training, Anoop is board-certified in emergency medicine and holds a Master’s degree in Management with a focus in Health Leadership. He is the author of Michelangelo’s Medicine and Is This a Dream?, as well as a columnist for Emergency Medicine News.

"Anoop has delved into consciousness from top to bottom. He has explored these issues with remarkable insight and subtlety."
-Deepak Chopra
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