To solve

the biggest problems in healthcare...

incurable disease
mental illness
unfair costs
lack of access
physician and nurse suicide

...we must examine the unexamined.

What is the human body made of?

​We think of the body as being made of organs, cells, and particles. But science has long demonstrated that matter is not ultimately made from ball-like sub-atomic particles, but rather fields. What does this mean in the context of clinical medicine?

What is the mind?

We know what the brain is. We know what the liver is.

But we don’t know what the mind is.


Where is the mind?

We know where the brain is. We know where the liver is.

But we don’t know where the mind is.

If we can't answer these basic questions,

how can we solve the biggest problems?

Question dogma


We believe brain creates mind.

This is a philosophical opinion we believe despite the fact we neither know what the brain is fundamentally made of nor what the mind is.

We believe body and mind are inherently different.


This is despite the fact we experience the mind as a body every time we dream.


These are philosophical beliefs,

not scientific conclusions.

These beliefs limit how we understand and treat disease, and what we think is possible.

what if the body and mind

aren't inherently different?

Two kinds of medicine.
Two different possibilities.

First Mind Medicine

  • Predominant kind of medicine today. This is how physicians are trained.

  • Brain creates mind.

  • Mechanizes the human being, including patients and doctors.

    • The human being is made of small parts.

    • Understands the human being as an atomic structure.

  • Narrow vision

    • Does not recognize its inherent philosophical bias.

    • Does not recognize the Second Mind.

Second Mind Medicine

  • Mind appears as brain and body.

  • Understands the human being as an experience, which can be modeled atomically.

    • Accommodates the latest science regarding the nature of matter.

    • Allows for new mechanisms of healing unavailable within the First Mind framework.

  • Humanizes medicine

    • Values emotion, purpose, meaning on equal footing with numbers.

    • Is the foundation of narrative medicine, the patient-doctor relationship, and wellness.

  • Broad vision

    • Understands the philosophical assumptions inherent in our practice and how they can limit or free us.

    • Understands First and Second Mind perspectives and makes use of both.

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