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there are 2 main components to education

1. the learner

2. what the learner is studying

most educational systems teach learners

to focus externally on the topic at hand.

attention becomes habitually externally directed.

the mind forgets its nature.


when the mind forgets its nature,

it believes in a separate, external, independent world.

The learner does not see how the mind shapes perception and thought.

The learner believes the world can be understood

without having to understand oneself.


Albert Einstein

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.

the learner may yet go on to garner many accolades

but doubt lingers, and fulfillment remains at bay.

to understand the world,

we must understand ourselves.

attention must be re-directed

back to the learner.

the mind must be explored....

and integrated with the world.

the nature of self and world are then seen clearly.

self-knowledge is the foundation of all knowledge. it is the platform on which education must be built.

If you are a teacher, ask your students to become aware of what it feels like to be them. Spend a few moments in silence together becoming aware of this feeling at the beginning of the day, the beginning of every class, and the end of the day. This will begin the process of re-orienting the mind.

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