" to cut up "

to cleave

to see and create divisions

how do we see ourselves?

as a body?

or as a being?

human body anatomy is a subset of human being anatomy

human body

  • organs, cells, atoms, particles

human being

  • organs, cells, atoms, particles


  • perceptions

  • thoughts

  • emotions

  • memories

  • relationships

  • desires

we must learn and teach human being anatomy, not only human body anatomy

different cultures see the human being differently


because we see what we have been trained to see

what is your complete anatomy?

you, as the physical body

you, as the mental body

you, as the energetic body

you, as the informational body

you, as consciousness

you have 5 bodies

each contributes to





in its own way

the key to complete human anatomy:

know thyself

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