Declaration of Wellbeing

To make wellbeing the centerpiece of healthcare and society, we start by clearly declaring our intentions. By making these declarations, we become more aware of what is lacking in the current system and the steps we must take to make our vision a reality.


Our goal is wellbeing, not just better medical treatment. Wellbeing is the goal of a true health care system.


Wellbeing connects individuals, families, communities, organizations, and our planet. Disease at any one of these levels affects the entire system.


We have Three Bodies—Physical, Mental, and Energetic. Wellbeing is the state of balance among The Three Bodies, anchored in being.

Principles of wellbeing and healing are universal. A complete Science of Wellbeing reflects this understanding and codifies the principles that are common to every healing system.


The most pervasive problem in the medical treatment system is the Informational Problem:
Medical science’s understanding of the human being is remarkably incomplete.


Developing a Science of Wellbeing requires a more comprehensive understanding of energy, information, and consciousness. Such an understanding will provide a scientific framework within which to integrate medical science, all healing systems, and the digital revolution in medical care.


Medical education and clinical care must become inter-professional. Tomorrow’s health care leaders and clinicians must understand the strengths of each healing system and how to coordinate care among them. The integrative medicine movement is leading the way.


Learning and working environments for clinical staff must be designed in accordance with the Blueprint for Wellbeing. A clinician experiencing wellbeing is ideally suited to help another heal and be well.


An observer-based science is the next step in the evolution of science. Consciousness is at the core of an observer-based science. Today’s objective science is a subset of observer-based science.