Where is the mind?






take 3 easy, full breaths

keep scrolling



the mind develops through 3 stages




1 - the First Mind




When the personality crystallizes as the First Mind, it becomes a thing.
Accordingly, the First Mind sees a physical world of things.

The First Mind is characterized by the sense of "me" being inside a body.

The First Mind divides the world in two:        me & you         this & that         here & there

There is a curiosity. There is often the sense that something is missing, that we are only seeing part of the picture, part of ourselves.
This can sometimes lead to confusion and isolation.

Most of our cultural stories operate from the First Mind. Good guys vs Bad guys.

Science operates from the First Mind. A scientist studies an apparently separate, objective world.






The First Mind feels like it's in your head.

It is thought to be created by and located in the brain, a physical thing.




first mind projecting.png






where do you feel like your mind is located right now ?

take 3 easy, full breaths and keep scrolling




2 - the Second Mind






"I am me and I am the world."

The Second Mind is the integrated mind.

The duality of me/you, here/there, now/then, this/that, subjective/objective is seen through, like opposing characters in a dream.
All experiences, subjective and objective, are splashes of the Second Mind.

The doubts of philosophy, limitations of science, and abstractions of mathematics are reconciled in the Second Mind.

Mind = Matter = Mind
The world is seen and felt as imagination.

You are no longer confined in a body. Rather, the body is in you.
Your brain and body are recognized as images in the Second Mind.

You are Free.

You are uniquely you, all of you. You are connected with everything and everyone. You see other perspectives.

Creativity streams forth. Art, music, poetry, and insight throw open their doors.

Life is an ongoing discovery. Love is everywhere.




Of physiology from top to toe I sing,
Not physiognomy alone nor brain alone is worthy for the Muse, I say
the Form complete is worthier far, The Female equally with the Male I sing.

Walt Whitman



is the mind in your brain ?

head brain mind cloud.png



or is the brain in your mind ?

mind cloud.png






The Second Mind is non-local. All locations exist in the Second Mind. It is Here, and it is Everywhere.




When the mind manifests,

everything manifests.






w h e r e    i s    y o u r

m  i  n  d   ?




3 - the Third Mind







The Third Mind is No Mind

Beyond thought

Beyond identity






ocean-lao tzu quote.jpg




r e f l e c t i o n


Which  mind  are you?

A) the First Mind

B) the Second Mind

C) the Third Mind


recognizing the mind will begin shifting it


a p p l i c a t i o n


A flourishing society functions from the second mind

Love for oneself, love for all

True freedom, spontaneous joy

Civics without tribalism

Solutions to hunger, poverty, war

Next-generation science and technology

Leaps in healing and wellbeing

These are all achievable when we recognize the nature of the mind



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