As an executive, you have a finely honed set of skills that enables you to see the big picture as well as its moving parts. But how well do you see yourself?

There is a growing body of literature in the field of consciousness studies suggesting some of the fundamental principles we all learned during our childhood education are remarkably incomplete. This literature supports the time-tested idea that what we understand as “me” and “my mind” is far more than a feeling produced by the brain; it’s a gateway to recognizing a transformative deeper consciousness that forms the bedrock of who and what you are.

Why does this matter for me as an executive?

  1. Your consciousness informs every intuition, thought, and feeling you have, as well as every action you take. Recognizing that deeper aspect of you enables you to go from a 10,000-foot view of what’s happening to a 100,000-foot view, which includes you as part of the picture. This minimizes your blind spot. You are able to assess and dismantle beliefs you have erected that limit your vision, creativity, and decision-making, because those beliefs are now in front of you as part of the scenery, as opposed to backstage pulling the levers.

  2. As an executive, you set the tone for your team, organization, and perhaps even industry. What you recognize matters, because it sets the standard that others will play by. That standard and your organization should be informed by the broadest and deepest vision possible.

  3. Most importantly, you are a human being first and an executive later. Every human being has the need for safety, understanding, love, acceptance, meaning, and self-actualization. Too often, we forget that these experiences are inborn and not found externally. It is a tragedy of our society that we have not included this knowledge in our educational system, and so the most successful members of our society often also feel that something is missing within. Safety, understanding, love, acceptance, meaning, and self-actualization are found in the deeper layers of the human being. They are within you now.

People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or in the hills… There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his [or her] own mind… So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself.

Marcus Aurelius

How does Self-Unfoldment for Executives work?

This is a six-month one-on-one program with Anoop Kumar for executives who wish to develop a greater degree of self-awareness, clarity, and grounding in life that will serve them in and beyond their executive roles. The program is completed remotely with regular communication via email, phone, and video chat.

This is different from most executive coaching programs in that our primary goal is to develop your skillset as a human being, not just your skillset as an executive. The deeper skillset of recognizing and managing the nature of the mind is what we work on through a variety of tactics. Through this process, you will realize ever-deeper layers of yourself, which will inform your vision and actions in all areas of life, including as an executive. This is Self-Unfoldment.

The Self-Unfoldment for Executives program includes 6 modules, one per month:

  1. Orientation

  2. The Resting Mind

  3. The Awakening Mind

  4. The Clear Mind

  5. The Dynamic Mind

  6. The Free Mind

Each module includes unique practices that will customized for you based on the nature of your mind, two live meditations with Anoop per month (via video chat), regular communication with Anoop, and more. (Program details available upon filling out the form below.)

At the end of six months, you will

  • notice a greater level of self-awareness

  • have more insight, peace, joy, and power that will serve you in any role

  • have insights into the stories and beliefs you create

  • be able to choose which stories serve you best in which situations

  • have a greater understanding of the relationship between your identity, mind, and consciousness

  • have a new set of skills with which to manage the mind

  • recognize love, connection, and meaning within yourself

  • have the ability to continue progressing on your own

Self-Unfoldment for Executives is offered at $10,000 per month with a six-month commitment.

Does self-awareness work?

Consciousness studies and self-awareness, practices that have been around for millennia, have now been found to be relevant in every major area of our society, including

  • science (neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, microdosing and pharmacology, quantum physics)

  • healthcare (mind-body medicine, integrative medicine)

  • leadership (self-awareness, quantum leadership)

  • sports (peak performance training)

Self-awareness is now also being taught in schools so the next generation of leaders will be well-versed in its basic principles. Our hope is that upon recognizing the benefits of Self-Unfoldment, executives will bring these practices to their organizations and spheres of influence.

Aim at the highest, and you shall reach the highest.

Swami Vivekananda

I’m interested. What’s next?

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