Love & Medicine

Are we allowed to love in medicine?

No, really, are we allowed to love in medicine?

Love known from the womb,
Governing lives like the sun governs time,
Trickling from head to toe,
Running dry in clenched fists.

Love stands with us, yet apart from us.

You see, love isn’t just a stranger in medicine. It’s a stranger in our world. Look around.

Love is expected with family.
Love is accepted with friends.
Love is cautious among strangers.
But forgotten within ourselves.

We create closed, mutually exclusive circles of love. 
Even when they intersect, they don’t blend.

Love. The new four letter word.

Again I ask: Are we allowed to love in medicine?

Everyone asks,
Few ask in words,
Everyone searches,
Few know where to look.

As the birds navigate back for the winter, so too must we navigate home to replenish ourselves.

A home not far away,
Closer than words can convey,
The home of medicine,

Anoop Kumar, MD, MM is the author of Michelangelo's Medicine: How redefining the human body will transform health and healthcare. He is the creator of Meditation Starter Kit and a course on The Three Bodies. He is a practicing emergency physician in the Washington, DC metro area.