What is the meaning of healing?

Today I'm catching a flight to Toronto give a talk on The Meaning of Healing: connecting the dots between modern science, holistic anatomy, and enlightenment.

My son heard me practice my talk and asked me yesterday how my understanding of healing has changed since I was his age. I thought about it and responded that I wasn't thinking about "healing" at age 6. I was simply having fun. It was only later, around the end of elementary school and into middle school, that I started thinking about healing. I recognized that healing occurred on many levels. Our bodies could heal, but so could our minds. In fact, even if our bodies are experiencing disease, a mind at play may not feel that dis-ease.

Pause and consider: What does it truly mean to heal?

Healing comes from the root whole, so the essence of healing is wholeness. Wholeness is not just concept; if it were only conceptual, it wouldn't be whole!  

Wholeness means all aspects of being human are integrated - thought, feeling, intuition, desire. It means we are in balance with ourselves and the world around us. It means that there is no experience of dissonance even when an apparently external world seems to be falling apart.

Is wholeness a pipe dream? Is it the unrealistic ranting of those drowning in hope for utopia? Is it even achievable? Good news: It's better than achievable.  It's already you. 

Wholeness is our essential nature. What we experience as our personality--a sense of identity, memory, thought, emotion, and desire--are aspects of wholeness.

When we forget the wholeness in which these aspects of ourselves are experienced, there is a sense of fragmentation, of something forgotten.

Wholeness is available right now. No prolonged process is needed. Simply relax out the strain and into your essential nature, beyond thoughts, beyond beliefs, beyond the sense of identity we have all constructed for ourselves. The meaning of healing patiently awaits.

Anoop Kumar, MD, MM is the author of Michelangelo's Medicine: How redefining the human body will transform health and healthcare. He is a practicing emergency physician in the Washington, DC metro area.