Abundance and the practicality of consciousness

We now have a global culture that encourages the view that resources are scarce. "Survival of the fittest" is our scientific motto. Yet scarcity is not a given. In fact, our most important resource is not scarce at all. It is abundant and available right now.

Our first and most direct experience is “I am conscious.” Everything we know arises in consciousness, including our thoughts, feelings, and the objects we perceive. We can’t separate ourselves from it.

Most of our time is spent focusing on the content of consciousness - the stuff inside it, like thoughts, feelings, and the objects we perceive around us. When we focus only on content or things, we engage scarcity because we miss the big picture. Content needs context. Without that context, it seems like there's never enough.

It is scarcity-based thinking that sustains personal and global problems, including isolation, war, hunger, and poverty. These problems are solvable when we tap into the right resource - our consciousness. By attending to our most fundamental experience, "I am conscious," we open the gate to creativity, innovation, and love - the most powerful tools on the planet.

It's time to frame consciousness in a new light. It is not necessarily religious, scientific, or spiritual. More than anything, consciousness is practical. It solves problems.