Beyond science. Beyond spirituality.

Do you wonder why the intractable problems we face remain intractable? Why is it that we can't seem to innovate past problems such as hunger, poverty, and war?

It is because our assumptions about the world and our relationship with it are limiting. The stories we have been told in the form of science, religion, and spirituality can be limiting and incomplete.

Science is a belief system that has given us many answers, but it now it seems to be pushing up against the limits of knowing itself. The realm of quantum mechanics is showing us that there seems to be a physical limit beyond which objective knowledge can't penetrate without accounting for the subjectivity that is inherent in observation. Beyond this limit dwells the answers that erode the assumptions of popular, objective science.

Religion is often a belief system. If we can see beyond literal interpretations, it becomes clear that many religions are pointing to experience as the road to understanding, not just belief.

Spirituality is unique in that it need not be a belief system. Spirituality is the subjective pursuit of understanding. One follows the truth revealed by one's own personal experience. Unfortunately, there are brands of spirituality that are anti-science or that see only one particular way forward, which is limiting.

Science and spirituality are complementary perspectives on life. Each can shed different light on our collective predicament. If we are to solve the greatest challenges facing us today, we will have to cull the best from both and build a bridge between the two, which we can do today. When both are embraced and reconciled, what we have is simply practical living.

Practicality has gotten a bum rap. We have allowed the practical to become the mundane. No longer. Let us embrace the the practicality of potential. The practicality of solving intractable problems. The practicality of creativity. The practicality of love. The practicality of seeing one another and finding a better way forward. And equally importantly, the practicality of having to work late, earn a living, get the groceries, pay the bills, and put effort into changing things for the better, even when it seems like there's no time. These experiences are reconcilable and possible when we leave limiting beliefs behind.

Science and spirituality are stories that beckon us to choose our own adventure, not follow the paved path. Use the stories as long as they work, then wade into life. The world is waiting for you.