I help bring clarity
to life’s deepest questions.

Through speaking, writing, and advisory services, I simplify topics that seem complex, ranging from consciousness and spirituality to science and healthcare.

I’m a Board-Certified, practicing Emergency Physician with a Master's degree in Management. As a child, I was surrounded by the teachings of Advaita Vedanta (the philosophy of non-duality). I began to see that life could be lived from two perspectives—as a character in a story, and as something beyond all stories. My work has been to clarify and integrate these perspectives.

Looking at the world anew can reveal unseen aspects of who we are. The result? We experience ourselves and our world more clearly, fully, and intimately.

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"You won't find this information in any medical school texts or lecture room, but therein lies the problem. As a physician myself, I often felt like something was amiss from my training, something hard to describe... This book offers hope that a new healthcare system that prioritizes wellness and well-being alongside our current disease-care system will rejuvenate the malaise that I believe is troubling our current system. Dr. Kumar offers specific suggestions on how to get there."

"Dr. Kumar should be in charge of improving the health care system in the US. He understands the gaps in our current doctor patient relationships."

"Dr Kumar envisions the role of a true health care system; focusing not only on the disease but on complete wellbeing... Powerful, beautifully written, full of ideas and solutions!! Highly recommended!"

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This book ties together many of the unwieldy topics in spirituality such as consciousness, mind, enlightenment, self-awareness, and meditation. This is done by focusing in on the very core of spirituality that connects all aspects of it—the sense of identity.

"A rare book that distills a lifetime of insights and offers them to enlighten others." —Deepak Chopra



Every monthly, we have an online video chat reflecting on the intersection of consciousness and everything else, including personal life, healthcare, and the nature of the world. Anyone can join the conversations, which are recorded and made available as a podcast. Join us to explore new perspectives.

Current models of human anatomy are incomplete. They depict not the human being, but a human body. Dissecting that body into so many parts can never yield those parts of us that we value most, and it can’t yield the more complete understanding of the human being that is necessary to refocus our health care system on healing and cure rather than disease management. We must develop the methods, science, and philosophy needed to discover more comprehensive ways of understanding the human being. We must Redefine Human.


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