Redefine human.

The model of human anatomy I learned in medical school is incomplete. The body is only a part of what we are. Recognizing the rest of us changes everything.

Redefine human. Start here.

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How redefining the human body
will transform health and healthcare


"You won't find this information in any medical school texts or lecture room, but therein lies the problem. As a physician myself, I often felt like something was amiss from my training, something hard to describe... This book offers hope that a new healthcare system that prioritizes wellness and well-being alongside our current disease-care system will rejuvenate the malaise that I believe is troubling our current system. Dr. Kumar offers specific suggestions on how to get there."

"Dr. Kumar should be in charge of improving the health care system in the US. He understands the gaps in our current doctor patient relationships."

"Dr Kumar envisions the role of a true health care system; focusing not only on the disease but on complete wellbeing... Powerful, beautifully written, full of ideas and solutions!! Highly recommended!"

"Should be required reading! Whether you have been exposed to integrative medicine or are involved in conventional medicine practice, Dr. Kumar's "Michelangelo's Medicine" is an inspirational and compelling must read for health, medical, nursing students and healers."


FREE Meditation Starter Kit


Included in this free starter kit:

1) An introductory video that answers the question "What is meditation?" and clarifies common misconceptions.

2) A list of the Top Ten Myths of Meditation. By dispelling these myths right off the bat, you will avoid unnecessary frustration.

3) A guided meditation. I'll guide you through a simple 2-step process to start meditating. Anyone can do this. No experience required.

"Thank you! This takes all the stress away. It's so much easier than all the apps I downloaded." -R.S.

"My mind feels clear of any thoughts or concerns. It feels like a world with no worries." -K.L.

The Three Bodies

"This is a powerful course. It has changed the way I see my life." -P.B.

This is a course for intermediate to advanced meditators. It is specifically designed to bring out the sleeping potential in every human being. It walks you through a comprehensive experience of your Three Bodies: physical, mental, and energetic.

For more details, please visit the course page.

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When we recognize our stories, we see right through them to clarity and freedom.

Anoop Kumar, MD, MM is a Board-Certified, practicing emergency physician. He has a Master's degree in Management with a focus in Health Leadership.

As a child, Anoop was surrounded by the teachings of philosophy. He began to see that life could be lived from two perspectives - as a character in a story, and as something ineffable, beyond all stories. The two perspectives confused the hell outta him. It took a few decades to integrate them, a process that continues today. Anoop sees science, philosophy, and spirituality as tools, ideally used to help us see right thorough our stories to clarity and freedom.

Say hello to Anoop below, or ask him a question.

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