How redefining the human body
will transform health and healthcare

The new book Michelangelo's Medicine is now available on Amazon! It presents an inclusive and integrated vision of health and healthcare where wellbeing is our goal, not just disease management. I tell many stories about my personal experiences in and out of the emergency department, including how I came to realize over many years that medical science's understanding of the human body is remarkably incomplete and outdated.

The book offers insights into:

  • Why reconsidering what we’ve been told about our bodies is essential to healing and wellbeing
  • What the complete anatomy of a human being looks like
  • How a new framework for understanding the human body will help create a more inclusive and integrated health care system
  • What you can do now to start experiencing wellbeing
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I help translate wellbeing into modern applications.

Anoop Kumar, MD, MM is a board-certified, practicing emergency physician. He completed his clinical training at Albert Einstein Medical Center, a Level 1 trauma center in Philadelphia, PA.

Eager to make a greater difference in the lives of his patients, he also completed the International Master's in Health Leadership program, earning a master's degree in management from McGill University. His thesis was titled Managing Anew: Unleashing the power of managing to achieve health at every level.

As a child, Anoop was surrounded by the teachings of Eastern philosophy. As he grew up, he recognized an unseen message woven through philosophy, science, and spirituality - a practical message of wellbeing, cloaked in esoteric language. His passion is translating this message of wellbeing into modern applications.

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